5 major types of electricians

An electrician is responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance of electrical devices and systems. Electricians go through training and apprenticeship before receiving the license to work on projects without supervision. However, you should know that there are multiple types of electricians with unique levels of expertise as well as specialisation. The following are five major types of electricians in the market. 


The auto-electrician works on vehicles as well as their electrical systems. His/her work involves the utility of multiple kinds of computerised repair tools for correcting system mishaps in automobiles. Auto electricians work on projects such as engine management, drivability diagnostics and drive train systems. They also have experience of working on complex vehicle entertainment systems such as video players and radios, navigation, vehicle and cell phone information systems.

Residential electrician

A residential electrician will install, upgrade and maintain electrical setups in your house or apartment. What's more, they can install outside landscape lighting. They can also work on an existing building or new construction projects. Residential electricians often work under an electrical contractor; however, they can also work independently.

Master electrician

Journeyman electricians will work for two years before applying to be a master electrician. The master electrician spearheads jobs, manages various electricians' teams and offers training to apprentices. He/she comprehends all the aspects of electrical units and issues. Master electricians have managerial skills and are usually the owners of electrical service organisations. Most master electricians have additional training and an electrical engineering degree.

Commercial electricians

This type of electricians will work on your construction project, commercial structure and mechanical electrical units. A surplus of commercial electricians conducts installations tasks that may comprise water heaters, electronic key units and commercial security units. They additionally do system upgrades as well as troubleshoot systems to isolate issues that occur due to wiring. A commercial electrician works under a master electrician before receiving a license.

Maintenance electrician

A maintenance electrician specialises in maintaining, upgrading and repairing existing electrical units. They work in various areas such as commercial, industrial, residential and more. Private organisations may work with a maintenance electrician to ensure their electrical appliances and setups are optimally functioning.

Electricity is dangerous, especially with improper handling. Opt for the right type of electrician who can handle the task. Ensure they have the specific training and experience in handling similar issues as yours. If you have an electrical emergency, look for an electrician who is available 24/7. To learn more about different electricians, speak with a professional. 

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