Do You Need the Services of a Level 2 Electrician?

When you have an electrical problem or need some work undertaken around your home, then you know that you will need to call an electrician to complete the task. That's obvious, but what sort of electrician do you need? Not all electricians are the same, and not all of them are qualified to complete all of the home electrical jobs which you might need to be carried out.

Understanding the difference

If you need basic electrical work completed inside your home, then a standard electrician should be perfectly adequate. Perhaps you need a light fitting changed, or a plug socket replaced? If this is your situation, then almost any electrician will be able to help you. If, by contrast, you need electrical work carried out that involves working on the Ausgrid network, then you will need to find a level 2 electrician. This work might involve connecting your property to the electricity network or repairing a fault somewhere between your property and the Ausgrid network. Any type of electrical work that involves connecting or disconnecting a property from the grid will require the services of a level 2 electrician.

What exactly does a level 2 electrician do?

A level 2 electrician is qualified to undertake all work that a standard electrician can do. In addition to that work, they will hold additional qualifications that allow them to work on the Ausgrid network. If you are demolishing a property or conducting a major home renovation, then you might want to disconnect the mains power while work is in progress. If you are building a granny flat, then you will want it connected to the electricity network. When the flat is nearing completion, you may also need metering equipment installed in the property. All of these are jobs for a level 2 electrician.

Should you call a level 2 electrician in an emergency?

If you identify a fault around your property and you suspect that it may be related to the power grid, then calling a level 2 electrician is a good idea. A level 2 electrician can carry out a full range of repairs including rectifying defect notices, replacing damaged poles, and dealing with both overground and underground service issues. Even if your electrical problem does not ultimately need a level 2 electrician, they will still be able to solve your problem since they are qualified to work on all electrical problems, not just level 2 ones.

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