A Look at Major Breakthroughs That Have Defined the Solar Power Industry

The solar power industry has certainly come a long way. There is always an innovation or advanced technology just around the corner. A commitment to innovation defines the industry, and you can expect to hear the announcement of a breakthrough at any time. There are many major milestones that have revolutionised solar power in the recent past including the following.

1.    Higher-Efficiency Solar Panels

Today, solar panels are more efficient in that they can generate or deliver more solar power even when there is not as much sunlight. With these panels, you can rely on your solar power system to still meet your power demands even on cloudy days. And all as a cost-effective option.

Research is ongoing to try and develop solar cells with up to twice the efficiency of the most efficient panels available in the market today. It's a revolutionary breakthrough everyone is waiting to see happen.

2.    Solar Roofing Shingles

There are solar roofing shingles, designed to be installed just like ordinary roofing shingles. The solar shingle is a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) product designed to be an alternative to the roof-mounting of solar panels.

Property owners who may have previously held some reservations about installing racks to hold solar panels on their roofs, for fear of potential damage or because of aesthetics, have readily welcomed this innovative product.

3.    Solar Tracking Mounts

Away from roof-mounted solar power systems are their ground-mounted counterparts. Thanks to tracking mount technology, you can maximise your system's solar power output.

The tracking system tilts and shifts the angle of your solar panel array accordingly to best match the location of the sun. Your panels will, essentially, be following the sun all day. At any one point of the day, your system is in the best position for a maximum energy generation.

4.    Wearable Solar

Wearable gadgets such as watches that are solar-powered have been in the market for a while, and are quite popular. Recent times have seen some advancement in solar textiles, which involves stitching tiny solar cells into clothing fabric.

This concept has extended solar power generation capacity to products such as window curtains. You may be able to keep your spaces even warmer thanks to this innovation.

There is certainly a long list of technological innovations in the solar power industry. The common denominator is the benefit to home and business owners that install these innovations. Better capabilities for equipment and efficiency upgrades are top on the list of these benefits.

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