Benefits of Rewiring Your House

Many homeowners don't think about rewiring their homes until after an eventuality like a fire outbreak. Whether you're in an old or new home, you need to test your home electrics every few years to ensure the wiring and fittings are safe and up to date. The following are some of the main benefits of electrical rewiring services.

Prevents Fires and Increases Your Home's Electrical Capacity

One of the leading causes of residential fire outbreaks is faulty wiring. The wiring in your house is crucial for supplying power to all your electrical appliances. Studies show that Victoria experiences around 3,000 preventable house fires each year. These fires are caused by poor electrical wiring.

Over time, wiring and power circuits will degrade and need to be replaced. Many older homes have outdated electrical wiring that is over 20 years old. Although the wiring may be functional, it poses a serious risk of a fire outbreak. You need to rewire your home if the current wiring is outdated.

The modern home has an increasing demand for electrical appliances. This means you constantly need more power to sustain additional home appliances. One of the benefits of rewiring your house is to save your electrical appliances from damage caused by an overload. An overload results in burnt devices and increases the chances of fire outbreaks. Rewiring ensures your home's wiring capacity is updated to support your energy demands and to prevent hazards.

Home Extension and High Property Value

If you want to invest in a home extension, you need to consider home rewiring services. For example, if you want to convert your loft into a guest room, you'll need new wirings. This will ensure your wiring system can withstand the load of any additional electrical appliances.

The average lifespan of electrical wiring is 20 years. However, it's easy to lose track of the years. For this reason, it's essential to schedule an inspection of your home's electrical wiring every few years. This is especially crucial if you want to sell your home. You'll need to prove to your buyer that the home's wiring is in good condition. Furthermore, an upgraded electrical system attracts the attention of prospective home buyers. This leads to an increased property value, allowing you to recover what you spent on rewiring.


Rewiring may seem like an unnecessary expense, but it's recommended for safety reasons. Rewiring your home prevents the occurrence of hazards caused by poor wiring, but it also prevents damage to your electrical appliances. It's also essential to rewire your home during a home extension to ensure additional electrical power is accounted for.

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