Features to Look for in Residential CCTV Cameras for Effective Surveillance

CCTV cameras are great for deterring intruders from residential properties. And if an intrusion occurs, the camera footage allows the authorities to apprehend the criminals. For this reason, you need to invest in high-quality cameras with reliable and effective surveillance features. With this in mind, here are four important features to look for when buying CCTV cameras for your home.

High definition output

Video surveillance is only effective if your cameras can produce high-quality images. Modern CCTV cameras come with a high definition (HD) feature that produces high-quality and clear images. Thus, besides showing an individual intruding on your property, the cameras can also clearly outline the intruder's face and physical features. When looking into a camera's definition, consider the following aspects that may affect the quality of images and video:

  • Type of lens: The right lens allows the camera to focus and draw enough light to clarify the images. It should also be able to zoom in on an image without losing focus.
  • Type of sensors: Complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) sensors are better than charged coupled device (CCD) sensors due to their ability to capture clear, high-definition imagery and video, even when an object is in motion.

Quality CCTV output allows you to identify faces, vehicle registration and other details required to apprehend an intruder.

Night vision

Many CCTV cameras have night vision, which allows them to see at night, even when it's pitch black. However, with traditional cameras, the output quality at night significantly deteriorates, and it may be hard to define an intruder's features. When shopping, find a camera with quality night vision capabilities. Cameras use various technologies to achieve night vision. These include infrared, low-light imaging and thermal imaging.

The best technology for high-quality night surveillance is infrared technology. Cameras use motion detectors and infrared light to pick out objects. When buying CCTV with night vision, go for black-and-white night vision cameras. Black-and-white night videos and images are clearer than coloured ones. 

Vandal resistance

Outdoor cameras are prone to vandalism, especially if the intruder can access the device without being seen. Thus, you need to invest in a vandal-resistant CCTV system. Some features that make cameras vandal-proof include:

  • Hardware such as a sturdy metal base and tamper-resistant screws 
  • Quality metal housing
  • Impact-resistant lens covers 
  • Camera tamper detection analytics
  • No-grip surface

Besides these features, you can improve your cameras' tamper resistance by installing them high up. This prevents intruders from damaging, covering or spray painting the lenses.

Consider the above tips when buying CCTV cameras for your home. Contact a professional contractor who offers CCTV installation services to learn more.

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